In this moment, sitting on the train, my own eyes are unclear. The scenery passes by rapidly and the image captured from the train window, is that of a city which people ignore.

For a foreigner who is adapting to a new environment, taking the train is the most efficient way to know the face of a city. As an outsider to London, through the train window, I can find everyday moments that uncover the hidden layers of London. Locals simply look past this - it is familiar to them, part of their everyday life. No one has stopped to get to know the city from this angle.

On the train, I see ordinary, everyday scenes. My camera captures the rapid fluctuation of life, the ebb and flow of an eternal yet fleeting situation.

I come from Guiyang city of Guizhou province, China. It is a multicultural city where many people gather, with enchanting sceneries and is filled with wonderful personalities of diverse ethnic minorities in China. While I devote much of my time to watching documentaries from around the world, it is a shame that there is no in-depth record of my hometown Guizhou. My goal as a documentary photographer is to use the camera to capture the details that people have neglected and perhaps forgotten.

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