‘What can Documentary Photography do Now?’

A one hour symposium via Zoom from the MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism course at the University of Westminster.

Photography’s alignment with colonial legacies is well documented. Arguably, the academy has  developed a robust theoretical framework to counter and dismantle them, yet during the spring and summer of 2020, assumptions of knowledge were  disturbed, platforming new considerations. 

This one hour symposium, asks three practitioners, drawing on their own experiences,  how can documentary practice move forward from here. Guest speakers will respond to this question in a live streamed online event. With;
Poulomi Basu: Photographer and Activist.

Terrence Burford-Phearse: Artist,  Curator, alumni of MADPPJ.

Anthony Luvera: artist, educator and writer. 

Chaired by:
David Moore; Course leader MADPPJ photographer and artist.