For four months, I stayed inside and hid from the world. Whenever I felt pain, I wrote my thoughts as a note. I let the words come out of my hands. So, they wouldn’t come out of my throat. I wrote all my secrets, left my soul bare. I spilled everything I knew. Everything I did not care to share. In the search for my wisdom to better capture myself, I explore the realms of my own mind, using the camera as a therapeutic tool to document the everyday. This project re-examines photographic self-portraiture in documenting mental health and wellbeing. Identity is a subjective, reflexive matter that must be felt by the subject of the artwork, individually exploring their subconscious through the language that is self-portraiture.
The works intentions are to have a more direct, visual impact and an almost psychoanalytic reach. It offers a change from sensationalism and, at the other extreme, the more conceptual, cerebral side of contemporary photography by reminding us of a more human-oriented perspective.