In Fear & Loathing in America, spectators are walked through a polluted communications environment. As Konstant seeks to investigate the rise of disinformation and conspiratorial thinking within politics, after the 2016 US election. In this body of work, the archive looks to make use of newspaper clippings, appropriated images from google, and FBI documents. By piecing together all of these strands of information, Konstant attempts to “construct a larger picture” of what is happening behind the scenes. Where the archive not only investigates QAnon but conspiratorial politics within the US as a whole.

Iris Konstant is a European-American archival photographer currently living in Grenoble, France. Iris’ personal work seeks to investigate the stories and beliefs we all fabricate around ambiguous events, movements, and instances. Be it QAnon or the anthrax attacks of 2001, Iris uses the archive to her advantage; seeking to uncover the root of these conspiracies and how they made their way into popular culture.

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