Iren Sipahi considers the effect of the enforced lockdown on his family and their household. Time, Space, Home is a series that documents the passage of time and how a worldwide pandemic can affect the protective space of home.

Sipahi orientates familiar space by methodically documenting the changes within each room. His photographs are positioned together to juxtapose the beginning of lockdown (23/03/20) to contemporary lockdown (31/08/20). The adjustments in government restriction have eased over time and Sipahi has documented the impact that the development of pandemic measures has had on evolving domestic spaces.

Iren Sipahi is a multi-disciplinary photographer whose work predominantly focuses on landscapes and lifestyle. He is UK based but has an interest in travelling and documenting his surroundings. He believes it is crucial that knowledge transcends geographical boundaries. On several occasions, Iren has been recognised for his photographic efforts. He has received awards from the Telegraph, the Guardian and HCA

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