My grandparents’ house has remained unoccupied since my grandmother’s death ten years ago. Nothing was moved or taken and the Romanian house became more a museum of Teoderașcu’s family memory. After all these years, I went to the house in April 2019. In June I returned with my father and then with my two aunts. They hadn’t been there in all these years. During my process, I’ve discovered that the past of my grandparents might be changed and used to satisfy and justify the present of the still-living ones. If the physical evidence is something real and, in most cases, it speaks the truth, the memory is prone to the imagination and overtime the past is involuntarily romanticised.

Ionuț Teoderașcu is a Romanian photographer, interested in the phenomenon of migration, in the relationship between memory and family and an explorer of the rural environment. His latest exhibited projects are “Waiting for Brexit” (London, 2019) and “The faces of the pandemic” (Romania, 2020).

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