Originally extracted from a substantial archive of Facebook-Messenger ‘chats’ between myself and my brother, these images were never intended to be seen, shared or studied for longer than a matter of seconds. The project was first conceptualised as a photobook, with the title “5440.255” denoting the exact physical distance between the two of us in miles.

Overall, the work touches upon the range of the current human condition. It emphasises how modern-day communicative technology is often employed in an attempt to bridge physical distance, in turn, how we often subconsciously utilise the strengths of both our written and evolving visual language to relate to one another. The arbitrary images scattered amongst the text are designed to depict the mundane aspect of daily communication whilst also highlighting the deep integration of photography within our society.

Charlotte’s photographic practice is an ongoing investigation into the tenets of the documentary discipline. Coming from a Fine Art background, her conceptual approach explores the boundaries of an ever
expanding medium.

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